History Stuff Part 2.

So I had discovered electronic cigarettes and brought my nicotine addiction into the new age, yes smoking has gone digital (well some of it anyway).

My new found pastime was very interesting to someone like me who likes a bit of tech in his life.  I have always been a comic or two on the side of geeky so I started to do a great deal of reading online and looking at all the various vaping gear the world had to offer.

By the end of the first week vaping I had a couple of 510 batteries and a passthrough.  I’d bought some flavours to try out and was in general having a lovely timer of it.  The only flaws were the battery life of a classic 510 and the costs of getting decent gear.  The battery life was a major concern for me as I was using a battery up as fast as I could charge the second battery.  The pass through I had was faulty so I was stuck using the batteries.  Carto wise I was onto CE2R4’s by day 4 so flavour and vapour were filling the flat, so much so that my flatmates were already commenting on the change in the atmosphere of the flat – it was now getting less ashtray and more vanilla based.

It was at this time of crisis (only a week in if you remember) that I turned to my bigger sister (I have two, this one being the older not the portlier).  I am on benefits and buying anything worth more than a tenner is a thought provoking issue.  I asked her to lend me some readies so I could buy more gear.  Happily she said yes and further treated it as a combination of gift and returned favours from past times.

This meant I bought a pair of lovely Riva XL batteries and vaping really took off for me.  With those I could go out without fear of running out of power and the hit was even better.  Also a replacement pass through turned up and that was just heaven to me with the CE2’s (I know some will just hate the thought of it).  This was only week two of vaping and I was the happiest bunny bouncing in bunny heaven.

Also in week two I had decided, after more online research which included my first taste of VTTV – The Witching Hour with that great ladt Cat, I managed to scrape money together to buy my first mixology kit.  Yes, by week two I had calculated I would be even more cost effective mixing my own liquid rather than splashing out on that shop bought extravagances.   I may do a separate article on mixing at some point so I don’t clog the history up.

Now comes the start of what some may call a bit of obsessive behaviour in many ways – modding.  With my insomnia in full swing I had been scouring the forums and vendor sites for a good, reliable mod to enhance my experience further (impatient soul at times I am).  By week three I was mixing my own liquids and made my first mod – I tanked my CE2’s using the syringe method (see here for those that aren’t familiar).

Soon I had hatched a plan, it was a plan involving dual 18650’s which I’d seen mentioned and knew they were the power source for me.  I did even more reading and started asking questions on the forums (yes I had quickly found other UK forums a little less intimidating to look around).  Next came the hours of sifting through ebay listings in the search for parts.

Yes, I had been infected with a new hobby.  Well I say hobby, partly my modding came about because I wanted increased functionality from my electronic cigarette but didn’t have the money to buy a pre made mod.  The worst bit was waiting for all the parts to arrive but I kept researching electronics, searching ebay and wandering round shops looking at bits and pieces.  As any modder knows the whole world changes in your eyes once the bug has got you.  Everything you see in shops and around the place gets assessed for potential modding – it truly is obsessive that way (I’m more controlled now I think).

The end of April had come round, all the parts had arrived, I got my tools ready.  The build began very slowly, I have always been quite compulsive about getting things right on as few attempts as possible.  My first major inroad into modding (although I was making loads of tanks for CE2’s).  Then my first born came to light, the Monster Mod Lived !   OK, I may be being overly dramatic but come on I’d only been vaping 7 weeks or so.

I have since made improvements and the Monster Mod I use now with it’s Variable Voltage circuitry is the same box I used for that first one.  I just keep filling the old holes with epoxy putty and fitting new parts.  The first improvements were to change the layout a little and get a mini USB connector for the charge circuit rather than the full size USB (that was one huge hole in the side needed).

So I continued to read avidly and ask questions.  In life never be afraid to admit you don’t know.  Get help, its much better for you in the long run.  I have since gone on to produce pass throughs, the Baby Monster (my “biggest” seller), some VV’s but nothing quite matches the thrill I felt when I fired up that first mod.

You feel so good at having built something that works.  Your day is all the better, and that feeling keeps you going on to do other things.  I am hopefully going to mod more as the years go on.  Be it for other people or just for my own use, either way I enjoy building these little things (most of the time anyway).

My builds will mostly be made to order pieces though.  At first I thought I could get a little business going, but realistically I can’t afford the equipment and stock needed for that and my health would keep getting in the way (I have long periods where I just can’t concentrate on anything, I “zone out”, depression is a bugger).

I also give advice quite freely about the place since I also like to help.  I think every vaper should have a bit of a go at modding – knowing exactly how your kit works means you can better judge when you need to throw it away (or run away from it depending on what its doing).

Anyway, that’s my piece for the moment – hope you enjoyed the read.

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