History Stuff Part 1.

Thought I’d add a little on my history as an alternative smoker (vaper) and as a modder.

I first became aware of electronic cigarettes in about 2009ish when I saw a little kiosky type vendor in a shopping centre.  At the time it did register as being a good idea but the kit in question was a look a like type thing and was about £40 or so which made me ignore it again quite quickly.

Trundle forward to early 2011, an old friend who frequented my abode for a weekly roleplaying (I may explain this separately later) session turned up and started puffing away on an electronic cigarette – also a look a likey thing.  Over the next few weeks he kept coming round and he tried a few different models and even started using a pass through on his laptop.

This piqued my interest for a couple of reasons.  First, health – my health has not been great for the last little while stemming from mental health issues and general unfitness, so anything that can help is interesting.  Secondly is cost, he brought me up to date with how much it was costing him to use his electronic smoking gear.  Now this is less of an issue with me since I was an avid deal finder and had been smoking rollies with shag sourced from a very good online tobacconist.  Nevertheless it looked as if “vaping” would save me a little cash too.

This led me to start researching the electronic cigarette market and I initially went for one of those nasty “free” trial offers which would have tied me into a contract to buy over priced stuff that wasn’t very good.

Fear not dear reader, I did not end up going with the trial offer.  The very next day after I had placed the order I found ECF and the warnings emblazoned on that monolithic forum about just how bad those offers were.  After a day of reading, and I do mean a day, I found a lovely vendor and ordered a black 510 kit and some liquid.  I also, as you can imagine, contacted the free trial company and cancelled – even though they tried to keep me by halving the costs to me of their contract.

So on Tuesday 8th March 2011 at around about 1300 a parcel arrived for me, my first e cig kit.  I opened it and fiddled, put a battery onto charge and waited, smoking while I did so.  The first battery charged in about an hour and I assembled it into usable form and took my first vape.  Wonderful warm vapour filled my mouth, then lungs.  The flavour was a bit odd at first but I got into it quite quickly.  I had, as a smoker, been buying flavoured tobaccos for many years so was quite appreciative if the differences probably than the usual smoker.

I kept using it for the rest of the day, and noticed the teeny batteries were not up to much heft.  In preparation I then ordered a pass through, since I new this would be cheaper than batteries in the long run (I’ve changed my opinion on this a bit now).  I also ordered some cartos since the carts were getting on my nerves already (was only getting about 90 minutes maximum out of one.  Indeed, I kept vaping right up to sleepy times and got no nasty nicotine withdrawal – score !

The next morning I got up and went straight to vaping.  So convinced was I of its effectiveness I binned what remained of my vanilla and cherry shag (some smokers have almost had a heart attack when I mention that bit).  I knew that the vaping was working and I would adjust to it so didn’t want to have temptation sitting near me.

Now you must understand, I had no intention of quitting smoking.  I do not consider that I have given up smoking, I am just doing it in a safer way than I was.  I am still addicted to nicotine and never want to give it up.  With my mental health issues nicotine has possibly been the thing that stopped me going completely bonkers.  I have no intention of ever “giving up”.

Out there I know there will be nay sayers who think it should be easy for me to take a little step and give up the nicotine.  What I say to them is get lost.  I am happy with the current situation and see no reason to “give up” one of the few pleasures I have in my life (sounds a bit wretched but hey ho).  I am now not harming myself nearly as much, and harming those around me even less – so just stay out of it and leave me to it.

To Be Continued. . . .

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