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So just back from my psychiatrists where I was given the low down on my MRI scan.

I have brain damage !  Good news overall. . .

OK most people don’t think of brain damage that way so I shall explain.  The damage is present but does not appear to have been caused by haemorrhage, infarction, mass lesion or collection (no fluid build up).  Essentially it is not a recent injury I was most likely born with issues and it just took a long time for the effects to become prominent.  I do have sulcal prominence in my frontal lobe. . . no I had to ask too folks.  Apparently, if you are familiar with how the brain looks, the troughs between the high points on the outside of the brain are more widely spaced in my frontal lobe.  The note on the MRI says this may be consistent with frontal-temporal dementia.  That sounds a bit dodgy but they are talking about the effect the damage has rather than the actual disease.

So unless the scan next year shows change, the damage is not progressive so no more marbles should be falling out until the regular old age ones start occuring.

I shall have to attend for neuro-phychological testing again to compare with the test results from last year and will get another MRI next year.  Also I am going to be doing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to try and manage my anxiety (group based just so its challenging).

Now where was it I was gadding to again ?

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