Getting Ready For Radio.

So as I mentioned previously I was invited to do a show over at Vapers Place.

In readiness for this I have been doing a little work.  Since I am overly obsessive on details I wanted to use a better microphone so my audio is nice and clear.  To use a decent quality microphone you need to have a sound mixer, yes I know you can get quite good microphones for computers these days but they seem even more expensive.  So I have got hold of a very small mixer capable of handling a dynamic microphone and it also has equalisation and USB connectivity.  The little thing is a Behringer Q502USB which gets quite good reviews and will also mean I can add other audio devices to my broadcast if I wish to at some point in the future.

As for a microphone I have a musician friend who I do favours for from time to time and has excess gear and I surmise will continue to need favours for the foreseeable future computer tech and DIY/repair wise.  This has meant I have the use of a Shure SM58, which any of the musically inclined will know is a very nicely performing bit of kit.  That of course leads to me needing a microphone stand suitable for me sitting doing a broadcast.  These cost quite stupid amounts of money so I decided to build my own.  I had a bit of a think for a day and had a look at what materials I had at my disposal.  The result of which I have dubbed FrankenMic, which is the microphone mounted to my computer chair with just the right distance and angle for good pickup and comfort.


I have been tinkering about with the audio software and seem to be getting the hang of it, but it helps that my computer has an ASIO standard sound card which matches nicely to the mixer meaning I can get quite high quality sound with very little effort.  For the initial start I don’t need anything fancy so I have some time to learn how to use the horrendously complex mixer software that I’ve found so far (all made for in the know people not for novices).  I will slowly pick it up I’m sure and will start getting more adventurous with what I can do.  Although this will probably lead to my obsessiveness costing me money in buying a better mixer etc. (just have to stay in control).

So now I have a combined Lab and Studio in my humble abode.  I even went as far as adding a sign to my room door warning of broadcasts as well as a light (blue not red) to denote when I will be recording.  So I can now tinker with building e cig related stuff, mix my own e liquids, Broadcast to internet radio (and potentially TV) as well as film general goings on in my room.


Gadding Along Just Fine !

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