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Big shows and the introverted.

So this last weekend was VapeJam, the first trade style expo in the UK for electronic cigarettes.  I had considered going but decided in the end to save my energy and cash for good ole VapeFestUK.  If I want to find about about new stuff the internet is more than accomodating in that regard, I want to meet the people mainly.

So I have now been reading about peoples experience of the event and some of the videos that are slowly appearing.  I am actually really glad I decided not to go.  I do not do great in large crowds, but it would have been especially bad with the background of thumping generic crap music and “sales bunnies” running around the place.  Yup this is my issue, the type of thing that I deal with every day and while what I say here will annoy some, tough – it’s my opinion.  For those that will say its just sour grapes, fine if that’s what you think you’re entitled to it but don’t expect anyone to come to you for any deeply thought opinions.

I just hate that type of over the top, over hyped promotion of products.  I have been to multiple trade shows over my life and have noted the slow creep to this brash over the top USA style event here in the UK.  In fact promoting stuff that way will have the opposite effect on me and probably make me never want to ever buy anything from you at any future time.  If your product is as good as your loud, annoying promotion claims – you don’t need the brash promotional stunting (my personal experience being the louder and more in your face the promotion is, the worse the product is and they’re trying to make up ground by being loud).  Used to be you could go to a show and have a reasonably peaceful look around at the products without all the in your face idiocy (well except maybe car shows).  I love meeting the people, and would no doubt have had a great time meeting folks I hadn’t met in person before.  This may even have counteracted some of the negativity I would have built up.

What I find sad is this now seems to be the standard for big promotion.  Even sadder are the crowds who lap it up and are just there to get as much free stuff as they can and you know a great deal of them couldn’t give a shit about the future of electronic cigarettes as long as they get more free stuff than everybody else.

I don’t begrudge people getting free promotional stuff, but for that to be the sole reason for going to an event strikes me as incredibly shallow and pointless.  I don’t measure how good a time I’ve had by the amount of free product I get (you can’t take it with you, the old saying goes and this includes free shit folks).  I judge it on the experiences I’ve had and sorry to say this will put me off going to any expo type show any time in the future.  That is a quite tragic conclusion for me as I do like learning about new devices and the like, but hey it was mostly liquids which hold very little interest for me since I DIY nearly everything I vape.  That’s another issue, we need more device manufacturers turning up, liquids are ten a penny.

That’s just me, I am not a hugely outgoing person.  If you do live for such hedonistic bullshit feel free to go – I think you have a huge hole in your life you’re never gonna fill, but hey at least you got the latest super liquid (that will stay super until the hype wears off usually) for nothing and can brag about it all over social media.  Oh and for those now selling all the free stuff you accumulated, you’re even worse.  I count you among some of the lowest forms of life, right down there with failed aeronautical engineers.

Then of course there was the attendance for some of the talks about the TPD and advocacy and it will come as no surprise that the type of pondlife that solely loves living their life based on free shit had no interest at all in discovering about the possible future (or lack thereof) of the industry.  One of my personal mottos learned through life is “People are stupid, individuals may prove themselves smart.” and vapers fit that just like everyone else.

The great majority of vapers still have no idea, or are deliberately ignoring, the problems facing us.  At least the event made an effort to represent advocacy despite some in vaping society seem to think advocacy shouldn’t be at any event other than one designed for it.  Advocacy needs to be shouted at every event, at least then maybe a tiny group of extra vapers might become aware and help out in some small way.

To clarify, I am overall glad such events exist for the consumer whores to attend, but they hold very little personal interest to me.  So I am an introvert, don’t try and sell me stuff with brashness – all you do is make me want to rant (if you’ve read this far I will remind you this is my opinion after not going, imagine if I’d actually gone).

Feel free to comment, you never know I might even publish some of them. . .

Further Website Issues.

So I finally had to change hosts this week.

This was mainly due to the old host having billing system issues where my site was unexpectedly terminated with no warning.

Now I have new hosts and hopefully will not have any of the same issues I had with the last.

So now I now to rebuild all the bits and pieces I had lying around the blog.

I’ve lost the last month or so which I can’t do anything about, but at least I saved most of the site.

Gadding in a new tomorrow.

Postie Hate.


I am not the first, the only or the last person to suffer from the ailment called “Postie Hate” or “Mail Undelivered Swearing Syndrome” (MUSS). :The-Incredible-Hulk:

The postal service in the UK is generally quite good, but there are always little things which drag it down.

In this case it is the red card I got from my postie today.

I was in bed and heard the letterbox go, at his point I should have got up straight away. Alas I did not and twenty minutes later I ventured out to find the post containing a red card. Yup, the annoying git of a postie had not knocked on the door or rung the bell to try and get a response – he just filled out and posted the card.

This annoys me because it now means my vaping goodies are sitting out of reach until I venture to get them on Monday morning. :Tears:

Bloody advertising and unwelcome visitors.

I HATE advertising that adds itself to any web pages I am looking at, if I am interested in something I actively seek it out.  I do not impulse buy and the amount of crap now clogging up my browser blocking options is huge.

Yes I know I could just run a heavily script blocked browser and I wouldn’t see any of it but I also know far too many of the sites I visit change code regularly and so would mess up if I was blocking all scripts.  Scripts are now the lifebloods of the internet and just about every page has scripting.

The reason for this rant is the one I just blocked “text enhance” which is a very annoying little number which takes keywords on the page you are viewing and attaches links to product placements, competitions etc.  I noticed it first because I just built this very site and noticed today a link had appeared on one of the pages I wrote.  I don’t want unasked for links on my pages thank you very much.  I want to be asked for permission to use my pages as advertising thank you very much and the answer would be “F*** RIGHT OFF!”.

So people of my little viewership just remember to add “http://textsrv.com” to any blocking software you use.  Bleed the money sucking gits of their revenue stream as much as you can and maybe they will go away and leave us to browse in peace (small hope).


In other matters within 24 hours of getting the new site live I had a spammer turn up and try to put his excrement on my site via a comment.  Good reason I think to have pre-installed a spam blocker so I could quickly and easily block his IP.

My username and how to say it.

Very quick post since people have trouble speaking my user name.

vereybowring or Verey Bowring breaks down to very (verey) + boring (bowring).

Yes, it’s that simple – it is the name of my longest surviving roleplaying character and I use it everywhere I inhabit on the internet since I am (so far at least) the only one using the name that way.

Tweet, Tweet. . .