I game therefore I talk about it sometimes.

Gaming stuff.

As anybody who knows me slightly well will know I tend to have far too many things going on at the same time. This is partly down to the lovely way my brain works, one part of which being it runs at full tilt nearly all the time coming up with zillions of ideas fighting for attention all the time. In keeping with this I get up to many things that occupy my time for periods before my brain decides to click over onto something else. So basically I do something for a while then a little switch goes off in my brain and I then do something else instead and with the advent of my mental health issues it has become harder to control.

I would like to say one of my on and off again projects is the live streaming of gaming (PC not roleplaying just for additional clarity). I have streamed myself playing games over on twitch and its hardly a new thing. Of course I have now been updating my website and this means adding the gaming/streaming stuff in here now as well.

I shall hopefully keep it up for a while and new content shall be mentioned on my webpage and I already have linkies to my youtube and twichy thingies in here.

Keep your peepers out for it (assuming it interests you).

Tweet, Tweet. . .