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Tidying up and stuff.

So yet again I haven’t done much on here (doing other stuff).

Recently though I have started hosting chat and live stream for a friends alternative news show here (you can get a fair bit done for free these days).
Since this was the case I’ve tidied up the site a touch, you know played with the theme and layout a bit (mainly the pages were fixed width but now should scale).

I also plan to add some of my gaming stuff on here as well once I get back into a bit of twitching.

Hopefully I manage to keep this up and make my site live a little more. I was kinda shocked to realise I’d not done anything on here for more than a year but that’s down to my ongoing slightly complicated relationship with my brain.

I know, I know, I am terrible at keeping things updated.

Yeah, erm so I haven’t been on here for ages writing anything.

Well I did say I have certain brain issues.  So I shall go for a little update.

Right then.  Health wise still much the same, it’s not as if brain structure problems just go away.  Generally I do feel much better now that I am not taking boatloads of medications though.  The insomnia still comes and goes but I’m used to that after all this time.  What doesn’t help is the next upcoming WCA and the form I just sent back to them for that.  The realist approach tells me the ticky box assessment will find me fit for work again and I end up on the appeals merry go round again.  Nothing really I can do about that, the politicians want to scapegoat and punish the sick and stupid people keep voting for them (won’t get into the whole lying and electoral misconduct here).

Life.  It’s OK I suppose, I have issues but at least I have a roof over my head and some good friends.  I recently completed a supported volunteering course and I am now working with them to find some suitable volunteering work that won’t make me worse mentally again.  The options are interesting at least.  One is for helping in libraries with people having trouble with their tech, you know showing people how to send emails and that kind of thing.  There’s the bicycle recyle lot where maybe I could be working on the bicycles which I haven’t done for a while.  Another is helping in some capacity at a Sensory Support centre which is a little vague at the moment but we’ll see.  Of course one the charity can’t help directly with is to get with the local Stop Smoking Service to help them understand and make use of electronic cigarettes.  That last one I’ll have to try and arrange myself but the charity will still support me with it.  Since I enjoy that kind of thing the last one is my preference but who knows if it will work out.  It kind of depends on the local SSS managers being receptive to vaping or not.  I am working on a nice email to send them and if contact is in any way reciprocated I shall try to get the NNA linked in too (since they have a nice fount of knowledge and the like but need more people in each of the SSS areas to work).

Technology.  Yeah I am still messing around with audiovisual stuff and have learned a fair bit (some of it even seems to be staying put in my head).  Little things like ground loop isolation to get rid of background noise on computer recordings, that high quality cables really can make a difference.  Oh and of course I got a better mixer. I did that because I thought the behringer had gone south, of course what was actually happening was loads of ground loop noise so I will use the Soundcraft (because its fantastic) but keep the other mixer as a backup.  I am still incredibly bad at video editing but when concentration allows I’ll keep working on that aspect.  Computer wise my machine is a fairly cheap monster.  I had a small hiccup where a new power supply was required but that was easy enough to rectify (loving the 1000W Rosewill I got hold of).  The machine is now quiet enough even under load and dumps heat (stays cool) effectively although I have the last couple of cheaper fans to replace so all case and CPU fans are matching arctic f12’s (last two should be here this week).  With the way the technology cycles it will be a fair while before I upgrade CPU and motherboard but I am always keeping an eye out for better GPU’s (while the R9 270X 4GB is good, the Nvidia models still give far better performance but cost a small fortune).  For my video exploits I also constructed a new carry rig for the Panasonic camera which gives an extending  handle as well as a really neat video light (camera and light powered by a USB power bank), oh and a tripod that stows in the handle as well.

Vaping. Yup still really enjoying my vapes.  I’ve had the parts for building a DNA200 for a few months but haven’t been in the right mindset to actually build it so far but still hope to have it done before the next UK VapeFest in august.  I still play around with mixing too but haven’t come up with anything wonderful as yet (its fun to try though).  I attend meets when I feel up to it, trying to remember to film bits and pieces while I’m at them.  The big meet I mentioned already and I should be able to make it even if the DWP do their we’re stopping your money trick just before it like they did a couple of years back (hence why people noticed I was a little more lively last year compared to my first visit).  Of course the TPD starts rolling out this year which will start to bite, but you’ve got to stay positive and keep plugging away to prevent vaping being destroyed.  The industry and user base has expanded rapidly and we must wait and see if the added numbers have given us enough weight to roll over than ANTZ and their political stooges.  Things seem positive in the UK at least but it will take time for that to build a head of steam to help elsewhere.  Those in opposition ran out of credible arguments a long time ago, but sadly the media keeps just running with the scare tactics (which of course they always will).  Slowly, with luck and work, the public will start to realise the absurdity of the whole thing and some of the damage can be reversed.  If that comes about we can work on stopping all the demonisation of groups that public “health” areas have made their stock and trade.  The ban/tax it brigade make themselves look more foolish every day, we just need people to wake up to it.   We should be working on educating people about choices, not removing choices.  Sanity and logic left the building for too many of these “professionals” an age ago and it needs sorting out.

Summary. Brain, still farting regularly (well so do I, bad stomach you know).  Tech, still fun. Vaping, still fun. Advocacy, still fighting.  Life, quite good currently. Post, finishing.

Gad On folks !

Oh and remember #celebratethevape !

So there’s been an election.

Righty ho, don’t normally do general politics but here we go.

The UK has voted.  It is apparent that the main traditional parties are not doing very well (yes even the smug Tories).  In my home the SNP have basically taken full control at the expense of Labour and Liberals.  In England the Tories have taken up most of the advantage with the Liberals losing heavily and Labour looking like a wounded dog.  Wales is Wales as far as I can see but unlike Scotland their nationalist have made some gains but not much.  Northern Ireland has just been doing its usual swapping votes between parties.  The two Vapers In Power candidates got some votes but did what they out to do and try and raise e cig awareness, thanks guys.

What does it all mean ?

Well there is the problem, it means we have the Tories fully in charge this time out and Scotland now looks like a problem entity.  I’m Scottish and would love Scotland to be independent but not right now with the way the world is as I don’t feel it would work out very well.  The Tories are going to have an In/Out referendum on Europe which may lead to an even bigger split since Scotland definitely wants to be in the EU.

The Liberals need to quickly regroup and recover as currently there isn’t a centerist party to speak of to balance out the others.  If people thought austerity was bad before they are in for a hell of a shock coming up. The Tories may still let Scotland go since it makes no difference to them now at all, the oil money is almost gone and we have nothing else they want.  Scotland free might sound good, and I wish it were, but the numbers do not stack up and it would mean decades of problems for Scotland.

The results that have cheered me up slightly.  Farage failed, McVey got booted and Galloway will be appearing speaking tripe at another by election soon (guessing but its his pattern).

So to summarise, we’re screwed.  The party for the rich is fully in control and us poor plebs are gonna be ground into the dirt to pay for the rich to be richer.

Personally with my health problems I am not looking forward to this parliament as the new government will no doubt find some new way to make me penniless, homeless and more ill.

Can’t even bring myself to do any Gadding. . .

Verey Bowring Insomniac Episode 5

Media Fun.

So I haven’t posted on here for a while.  Mainly this is because I have been quite busy.

As I have said in previous posts I became a talk radio host over at, this has continued and I have done 4 shows now and will continue to do so as people seem to be generally happy with my shows.  On top of that I have also been helping out other hosts get their shows to air so I’m a sort of producer as well.

Now for some time I have also been watching video based shows over at  Recently I was asked if I would host a show for a new channel which is just getting set up called OurGang but we are still searching for more hosts so we have a decent part of the week covered schedule wise.

As part of that the guy setting up the new channel did a deal with another channel to share hosts so at short notice I did a short test broadcast to audition for them too.  Happily they thought I had promise so now I am hosting shows on Vapers Nation on Saturday and Sunday at 6 to 8 PM est (11 pm to 1 am UK time).  I did my first show already and again seemed to get a reasonable response.

These shows are a bit different in that I appear on camera in front of green screen with an animated background with information on it.  On top of chatting to the people in the text chat you play some music in the background, luckily as those that know me well enough I have a large selection of music.

So I have decent webcams and decent audio gear but in the past week I made myself a cheap green screen made from a cheap tarpaulin attached to a couple of uprights (so I can put it away when not in use) and I used some cheap poster paint to paint it bright green.


Also for the music other hosts had started using an android/apple app called PlayMySong which allows the audience to log onto a jukebox and request songs.  So I set this up too (runs through spotify) and added a few thaousand songs to the jukebox playlist although it is limited to a 10000 song list.  However people can also put any song they want into the search box and if it anywhere on spotify it will still play it.  Of course with free account on spotify it will play some adverts which it will start doing once my free trial of premium runs out.  Still it makes for a more interactive show and means the audience can request songs without me having to do the searching.

So my media presence is slowly spreading and it does mean I am learning new skills to do with live audio and video presentation.  At the moment for the video shows I am using software called xsplit, but I am going to try and learn how to use Wirecast which is a much more powerful package and with practice should mean I can control broadcasts better.


Gad On People !

Tweet, Tweet. . .