Tidying up and stuff.

So yet again I haven’t done much on here (doing other stuff).

Recently though I have started hosting chat and live stream for a friends alternative news show here (you can get a fair bit done for free these days).
Since this was the case I’ve tidied up the site a touch, you know played with the theme and layout a bit (mainly the pages were fixed width but now should scale).

I also plan to add some of my gaming stuff on here as well once I get back into a bit of twitching.

Hopefully I manage to keep this up and make my site live a little more. I was kinda shocked to realise I’d not done anything on here for more than a year but that’s down to my ongoing slightly complicated relationship with my brain.

Verey Bowring Insomniac Episode 5

Media Fun.

So I haven’t posted on here for a while.  Mainly this is because I have been quite busy.

As I have said in previous posts I became a talk radio host over at, this has continued and I have done 4 shows now and will continue to do so as people seem to be generally happy with my shows.  On top of that I have also been helping out other hosts get their shows to air so I’m a sort of producer as well.

Now for some time I have also been watching video based shows over at  Recently I was asked if I would host a show for a new channel which is just getting set up called OurGang but we are still searching for more hosts so we have a decent part of the week covered schedule wise.

As part of that the guy setting up the new channel did a deal with another channel to share hosts so at short notice I did a short test broadcast to audition for them too.  Happily they thought I had promise so now I am hosting shows on Vapers Nation on Saturday and Sunday at 6 to 8 PM est (11 pm to 1 am UK time).  I did my first show already and again seemed to get a reasonable response.

These shows are a bit different in that I appear on camera in front of green screen with an animated background with information on it.  On top of chatting to the people in the text chat you play some music in the background, luckily as those that know me well enough I have a large selection of music.

So I have decent webcams and decent audio gear but in the past week I made myself a cheap green screen made from a cheap tarpaulin attached to a couple of uprights (so I can put it away when not in use) and I used some cheap poster paint to paint it bright green.


Also for the music other hosts had started using an android/apple app called PlayMySong which allows the audience to log onto a jukebox and request songs.  So I set this up too (runs through spotify) and added a few thaousand songs to the jukebox playlist although it is limited to a 10000 song list.  However people can also put any song they want into the search box and if it anywhere on spotify it will still play it.  Of course with free account on spotify it will play some adverts which it will start doing once my free trial of premium runs out.  Still it makes for a more interactive show and means the audience can request songs without me having to do the searching.

So my media presence is slowly spreading and it does mean I am learning new skills to do with live audio and video presentation.  At the moment for the video shows I am using software called xsplit, but I am going to try and learn how to use Wirecast which is a much more powerful package and with practice should mean I can control broadcasts better.


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I Just happened to stumble into this show by Accident.


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