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Stuff about e cig legislation.


So the 8th of March will be a very special day for me for the rest of my life.

On this day in 2011 my first electronic cigarette kit arrived, and from that day I was a vaper.  Not since then have I even had one puff of traditional tobacco products.

So three years off the old enemy, but still able to enjoy the nicer effects of nicotine.  Added to that I have the joy of flavours, just about any flavour you can conceive of can be mine due to vaping.  When I was a smoker I really loved the flavoured tobaccos, but none of them come close to the sensory pleasure of a good vape flavour.

The only sad part of my celebration is the fact that legislators under the sway of Public “Health” advocates and Pharmaceutical lobbies voted to destroy my saviour with the Tobacco Product Directive revisions.  When it gets enacted everything I use now, and which keeps me from smoking, will be taken off the market.  They keep saying it isn’t a ban but all the users know that is a lie as all current vaping equipment will be illegal from implementation of this directive – I would call that a ban would you not ?

If you are reading this and think forcing people back to smoking and denying other smokers who haven’t switched yet the chance to try then you can help.

Go to EFVI.EU and there is a big green box on the page where you will be taken to a page to sign up to a citizens initiative.  Now I bet you are thinking petition right now, but that’s not what this is at all.  What this will do if successful is allow a delegation of electronic smoking users to sit down with the EU legislators and correct some of the disastrous mistakes they made with the legislation of e cigs.  They either ignored scientific evidence deliberately or are too out of touch to realise they were destroying this new industry and forcing early death onto so many people.

Another favour if you do sign up to EFVI, get all your friends and family to do the same.  It does not take long and will allow free expression of freedoms for several million people.  Vapers are trying to spread the word about this hypocrisy from public “health” and politicians who are supposed to be helping us but it takes time for the message to get out when your opponents control the cards and the playing field.

That’s all for now, I’m off to enjoy a good vape and relax !

Battle losses and Future Campaigns.

So we lost a major battle my vapers in arms.

The EU has voted through their ridiculous legislation on electronic cigarettes now calling it Amendment 20.  I won’t break it down as others are far better than me at that, but suffice to say that the extremely open definitions used in the document can be easily used to take all current electronic cigarettes off the market and potentially leave individual governments to medicalise and ban cross border sales too.

So what now ?

We keep fighting of course.  We now really have to up the game though and get the general public on our side to show them what a pigs ear this legislation is and is the thin end of the wedge to take away even more individual freedoms.  To be effective we have to be keeping pressure on at all levels though.  We had mostly been concentrating on MEP’s and the EU parliament, but now all levels of society need to be educated to this disaster.  Keep up sending emails and having meetings with MEP’s, but now you really need to be contacting your MP’s and local governments.  Start writing to newspapers, radio and television news too.  Locally vapers need to be getting visible and informing people and the bricks and mortar vendors are key in this.  Make sure your health professionals are in the loop too, yes their bosses are swayed by the competing industries and regulators but down at normal levels you are their most important contacts.

A really big thing is the European Free Vaping Initiative or EFVI.  This is an opportunity for vapers to be able to get to the negotiating table and attempt to modify this lunatic legislation.  It is a legally binding part of the European Union so if we can get their rules fulfilled they will have to talk to us.  If you have not done so already get along to the link in this paragraph and spend the time getting your name on there.  Then get everybody you know to go along and do the same.  They just need to be EU citizens so not just vapers, everybody !  Numbers are key here so every name counts.  It is not just another online petition, it is a legal action and we need seven countries to reach a threshold (54750 names for the UK) as well as getting one million names across Europe.

On top of that I am sure there will be further attempts to publicise the issue taking place all over the place so keep an eye on your social media to see what vapers are doing to combat the insanity.  Public protest is going to be another cornerstone of defiance and excellent opportunities to spread the truth.

Go forth and spread the word folks and we will beat this lunacy !

Interesting Developments.

So I made my new titles and credits for using in my videos today and probably tomorrow I will get round to making my youtube promo thingy.

In another development though I was contacted tonight by Kevin from Vapers Place.  Apparently my two short appearances (well one was short) as a guest on two shows over there went quite well.  I was offered a show of sorts on their comfy little network, radio show that is.

Details have still to be worked on, mostly by me, but will involve me deciding to do a show and letting them know.  No set subjects, no set times, just whatever I fancy doing when ever I fancy doing it.  The broad theme is my life with insomnia and all the places I get around online and all the things I get up to to kill time.  Just me talking about stuff, much like my website.  I will no doubt do electronic cigarette stuff amongst other things but I do tend to flit around between stuff a fair bit.

So having just got the bare minimum of skill to do short videos and having done my first attempt at proper intros, I will now be mucking about with audio too.  Already I have been looking at audio software and the like in case I want to do anything interesting, but that will take time to learn (depending on what sticks how fast).

So soon I shall be broadcasting, another little hobby to keep me from going barmy (no promises and maybe it should be barmier).  I shall endeavour to keep folks in the loop about developments as they happen.

Gadding On In A New Way !

Hell of a week.

Its a bit stuffy in here, what with me absent again.  Apologies for that but I’m far from a regular blogger, or indeed socially strong with interaction of any sort.  I post when I have something to say and have the will/motivation level to overcome my mental health issues.  Now onto the post proper.

After months of dedicated people taking part in a grass roots campaign in, in spite of what “experts” and politicians have said, vaping has hit its stride.  The plenary debate and vote on the EU Tobacco Product Directive took place.  In a shock result, for those against us anyway, Electronic Cigarettes are not to become a medical device.  This means they can remain in the normal marketplace instead of being strangled out of existence by red tape and costs.

It was a compromise that was reached in consultation with MEP’s who had been persuaded that e cigs were a public health opportunity, not an enemy to health.    While celebration was fully deserved, especially amongst those who had campaigned so hard, it was only part of the struggle.  Next we have to try just as hard to convince the Council Of Ministers that electronic cigarettes are not medical.  So focus shifts to home and our own parliament, word needs to get to the Ministry of Health of the strong support and ever increasing scientific evidence of positive outcomes that e cigs have.

This is a titanic struggle (pray for no icebergs) but more than worth it.  We must also maintain the pressure in the EU Parliament to keep the support we have and increase it if possible.  More and more of the public are finding out about e cigs and opinion is being made by them.  We have to ensure they are receiving both sides of the story.  If we let up now those arrayed against us, for whatever reasons, will get to continue to spout nonsense and hypocrisy and sway support away from us.

So celebrate by all means, just keep in mind the fight is a very long way from over.

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